The burdens on the time of the 

C-suite executive are substantial, 

and their personal financial affairs 

can suffer as a result.

Corporate Executive

The burdens on the time of the C-suite executive are substantial, and their personal financial affairs can suffer as a result. Further complicating the situation are benefit packages and concentrated holdings of company shares and options that raise diversification obstacles and potentially adverse and unanticipated tax consequences. Clients rely on our knowledgeable advisors to help them design comprehensive financial plans that maximize rates of return, minimize taxes and effect a seamless retirement transition.

The corporate executives in our client base have welcomed our help in thinking through questions like the following:

  • Are you taking full advantage of your company’s benefit package to achieve personal financial goals and minimize current taxes?
  • Do you have restricted stock? Have you considered a Section 83(b) election?
  • What is your stock option exercise strategy?
  • Do you feel you own too much company stock? How does your investment strategy factor in this added risk?
  • Are you comfortable being an unsecured creditor within your deferred compensation plan now and during retirement? If so, are you aware of the relevant current and future income tax savings opportunities?
  • What company life and disability insurance benefits do you have? Are they sufficient to meet your current and projected needs?
  • Are your company benefits and beneficiary designations integrated with your estate plan?

Do you have similar questions and concerns? We can help. The following is a selection of our services that are most helpful to the corporate executive:

investment advisory services

Our comprehensive investment advisory services are designed to consistently maximize your investment returns while minimizing tax consequences and volatility. Beginning with your financial goals and concerns, we develop a customized investment strategy, considering your target rate of return and risk tolerance. We review your investment performance regularly and recommend appropriate changes on an ongoing basis.

Multi-year Cash Flow & Net Worth Projection

We conduct a thorough analysis of your assets, liabilities, income and expenses and extrapolate over a number of years, deriving a roadmap for informed decision-making toward achieving your short- and long-term goals. The analysis is updated periodically to assess progress.

Strategic Annual Income Tax Planning & Compliance

As your financial affairs increase in complexity, it is critical to have an integrated tax strategy. Scott Snow (financial advisors) LLC can oversee your entire tax process to help minimize your tax burden and optimize savings. A projection exercise identifies tax reduction strategies. In addition, withholding and estimated tax payments are analyzed to ensure compliance.

Estate Planning

Proper estate planning will ensure that your legacy will endure for generations. Scott Snow (financial advisors) LLC analyzes present estate documents to ensure all aspects are current and working in your best interests. Our experienced advisors provide advice on efficient distribution of wealth to minimize tax consequences. Through the process of creating your estate plan, our firm will come to know you and your spouse well. When the time comes for a transition, your spouse and other survivors will be comforted to work with someone they already know and trust. 

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