We work comprehensively
to coordinate all facets
of a client’s financial life.

Wealth Accumulation

financial goal assessment

A financial goal assessment permits us to get to know you and your financial situation. We discuss your overall wealth strategy and review your current financial picture. Together, we identify short-, intermediate- and long-term financial goals and formulate a plan to make them reality.

investment advisory services

Our comprehensive investment advisory services are designed to consistently maximize your investment returns while minimizing tax consequences and volatility. Beginning with your financial goals and concerns, we develop a customized investment strategy, considering your target rate of return and risk tolerance. We review your investment performance regularly and recommend appropriate changes on an ongoing basis.

Multi-year Cash Flow & Net Worth Projection

We conduct a thorough analysis of your assets, liabilities, income and expenses and extrapolate over a number of years, deriving a roadmap for informed decision-making toward achieving your short- and long-term goals. The analysis is updated periodically to assess progress.

personal debt management

Our personal debt management service helps reduce the cost of your debt so that financial goals can be reached more rapidly. We assist you in developing a budget and in restructuring debt, including the refinancing of mortgages and other loans. We help you to consider when debt is an appropriate strategy and to devise cash management strategies to avoid debt.

education funding

With the rising cost of education, it is vital to plan ahead. We help quantify your needs and craft a systematic plan for saving. We also help identify appropriate tax-efficient funding sources of which you may be unaware.

retirement planning

We assist in establishing retirement income projections and help you develop a systematic savings plan to meet them. Tax and cash-flow issues relevant during retirement and as it approaches are reviewed in detail to avoid pitfalls and smooth the transition. We also analyze annuity, lump sum and other distribution options to help you decide upon an optimal payment scenario.

strategic annual income tax planning & compliance

As your financial affairs increase in complexity, it is critical to have an integrated tax strategy. Scott Snow (financial advisors) LLC can oversee your entire tax process to help minimize your tax burden and optimize savings. A projection exercise identifies tax reduction strategies. In addition, withholding and estimated tax payments are analyzed to ensure compliance.

financial services integration

Scott Snow (financial advisors) LLC simplifies effective management of your money by serving as the primary contact for all of your financial needs. We work in coordination with your present advisors to implement your plan and to oversee all aspects of this implementation. The result is a comprehensive, integrated approach to reaching your financial goals.

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