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of a client’s financial life.

Wealth Transfer

estate planning

Proper estate planning will ensure that your legacy will endure for generations. Scott Snow (financial advisors) LLC analyzes present estate documents to ensure all aspects are current and working in your best interests. Our experienced advisors provide advice on efficient distribution of wealth to minimize tax consequences. Through the process of creating your estate plan, our firm will come to know you and your spouse well. When the time comes for a transition, your spouse and other survivors will be comforted to work with someone they already know and trust.

business succession planning

We help formulate business succession plans that take into consideration the family situation, tax consequences and continuity of operations. The result is an orderly transition, reduced taxes and a strong business for succeeding generations.

philanthropic planning

You may desire to share your wealth to help the broader community. We will help to devise a long-term philanthropic strategy and to identify worthy causes to support. Our advisors help simplify the giving process so that you devote time toward making a difference.

family education

With affluence comes responsibilities and special issues that may be overwhelming for those inheriting substantial sums. Our advisors help educate these individuals regarding how to handle their new wealth and to avoid typical financial pitfalls afflicting the newly wealthy individual. Our approach includes casual, yet effective, one-on-one discussions between the advisor and the individual inheriting wealth. The goal is that the individual obtains realistic expectations of how life is going to be changed by wealth and also gains the ability to make informed financial decisions.

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